Tom Curren Explores Free-form Surfing on the French Coast | Made in Europe

Watch on YouTube In this Red Bull video, southern California-based filmmaker Matt Payne visits Hossegor (not far from Biarritz), France, where he spends time with legendary world champion Tom Curren.


Albert Camus: Inside the Outsider

In this BBC podcast, Professor Hussey celebrates the life, work and tragic death of literature's enigmatic outsider, the Algeria-born and France-incul...

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Euro Disney

In 1992 Disney opened its first theme park in Europe. But it had taken years of delicate negotiations and diplomacy get it off the ground. In this BBC...

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The Mont Blanc Tunnel

In July 1965 an 11-km tunnel dug deep beneath the Alps was opened to traffic. Linking France and Italy, the Mont Blanc tunnel was a remarkable feat of...

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Lyon in Motion

Beautiful timelapse images of Lyon, France.

Patrick McGovern's website at University of Pennsylvania Museum

Visit Penn.Museum An academic explores the origins of wine.