Pearl Farming in Fiji - Why it is difficult?

Watch on YouTube Fiji is known for its brightly colored black pearls. But pearl farming there is tough ... maybe that is why only two farms are currently operating! India Rows explains the situation. Runtime: 1 min.

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A Consuming Tradition: Kava Drinking in Fiji

on An anthropologist offers insights into the traditional beverage and its vexed status in Fijian society: relaxing but inspiring, a&nbs...

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Laisa Vulakoro

Listen on Spotify The sounds of Fiji's "Queen of Vude," a popular style of music that combines  disco, rock and traditional Fijian...


Fiji — 20 Great Favourites

Listen on Spotify To get you in the mood, South Pacific Singers perform a collection of traditional Fijian tracks, which feature the classic instrumen...


River of Eden

Join filmmaker Pete McBride, a National Geographic Freshwater Hero, on a journey into the Fijian Highlands to experience the upper part of the Navua river on Viti Levu— known for its 150-foot sheer walls rising from its 20-foot-wide natural canals — and the conservation effort required to protect it. Runtime: 5 min.

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Coastal morphology and coral reefs

on This scholarly article explores the distinctive characteristics of the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. By Jorge Cortés.

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Diving for Dakuwaqa: giving Fiji's shark god a helping hand

The ancient shark god Dakuwaqa reputedly protects those at sea. But with almost 70% Fiji’s shark species threatened with extinction, it’s time fo...

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Canoes of Fiji

on In this excerpt from The Maori Canoe, learn about Fiji's two traditional types of canoes: the double (drua) and the single wi...

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