Corfu's Cuisine

Watch on YouTube Famous British chef Keith Floyd gives a wide-ranging tour of the island's distinctive cuisine (and the culture that underlies it).

Get To Know Corfu, Greece

The Island of Corfu in Venetian Policy in the 14th and Early 15th Centuries

on This scholarly article explores Corfu's strategic value to the Venetian Empire. By Ruthy Gertwagen.

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The Old Town of Corfu

on This report — prepared for inclusion on UNESCO's World Heritage list — offers a comprehensive review of the Venetian-buil...

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Northwest Greece and the Ionian Islands | Geology

on A detailed, approachable review of the region, including Corfu and Cephalonia. By Michael D Higgins and Reynold Higgins.

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The Old Town of Corfu | UNESCO

A tour of Old City and its historical sites.


Greek Wine and Winemakers

A collection of interviews — hosted by former NYC sommelier Levi Dalton — with some of the leading experts on wines and winemaking in Greece. Runt...

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In this BBC podcast, Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the Greek poet Sappho. Born in the late 7th century BCE, Sappho spent much of her life on the isl...

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In this BBC podcast, Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Aesop, the supposed author of a series of fables that are some of the most enduringly popular wor...

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