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Watch on YouTube Jonathan heads down to Cancun in Mexico on an expedition to film one of the world's fastest fish—the sailfish! He gets in the water with a school of sailfish zooming around hunting sardines. In addition to having huge dorsal fins giving them their name, the sailfish also have long pointy bills like spears they use to catch their prey.

Get To Know Cozumel, Mexico

Deep Inside the Yucatan

Visitors to this Mexican peninsula can delve into cenotes, a subterranean world of caverns, tunnels and watery holes hundreds of feet deep. By Stephe...

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The Major Gods of Ancient Yucatan

on A detailed scholarly review of the principal gods of the ancient Maya, including their forms and functions. (Free account required to vi...

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The Yucatán's Mayan Splendor

In the Yucatán, an ancient land of dense jungles, the tropical climate puts food at constant risk of spoiling. In response, cooks concocted pibil, n...

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Cenotes of Mexico

Deep underneath Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, underground rivers wind their way to the sea. In some places, sinkholes (cenotes) allow access to underwater caves and were considered openings to the underworld by the ancient Mayans. Host Jonathan Bird teams up with an expert cave diver to explore. Runtime: 12 min.

Get To Know Cozumel, Mexico

Yucatán: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition

on Amazon A culinary travel guide by one of the most respected names in Yucatan cuisine, offering a look into the history, culture and ingredients of...

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Fiesta: Days of the Dead & Other Mexican Festivals

on Amazon A look at the country's colorful annual celebrations and how these festivities are uniquely Mexican. By Chloe Sayer.

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The True History of Cozumel

on Amazon The author tells an anecdotal history of the island, debunking many myths along the way. By Ric Hajovsky.

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