White Cliffs Of Dover

Watch on YouTube Striking drone shots of the city's famous chalky white cliffs. Runtime: 4 min.

Get To Know Dover, England

Auguste Rodin: The Burghers of Calais

This catalog from Metropolitan Museum offers a valuable introduction to Rodin's great sculpture depicting the besieged French Hauts-de-France city's ...

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Caesar's invasion of Britain began from Pegwell Bay in Kent, say archaeologists

After deeming Dover unsuitable, Caesar sailed northward. Excavations reveal remains of an ancient defensive base, bones and iron weapons, which sugge...

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The Roman Lighthouses at Dover

on An exceptional scholarly review of the history, layout and design of the country's 1st century Roman lighthouses. By REM Wheeler.

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A 360º View of Dover Castle

Take a 360º tour of Dover Castle in Kent, which has guarded this gateway to the realm for nine centuries. To look around, simply place your cursor on the video, then click and drag the view in any direction.