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English afternoon tea etiquette

Watch on YouTube Leading UK etiquette coach William Hanson demonstrates the correct way to enjoy afternoon tea, touching on how to stir in your sugar and eat the traditional scones. Runtime: 2 min.

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Chipping away at the history of fish and chips

Although often associated with the seaside, the first chippie opened its doors in London, where the working class propelled the iconic dish into popu...

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The alt city guide to Cambridge

From the independent enclave of Mill Road to the annual Strawberry Fair music festival, a dedicated minority of locals work doggedly to maintain the ...

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Why It’s Time for English Bitter Ales

With reasonable ABVs (maximum 6%) and a nuanced balance of hops and malt, English-style bitters ought to be the beer of moment. By Megan Krigbaum.

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Nico Muhly on Why Choral Music Is Slow Food for the Soul

The American contemporary classical music composer and arranger argues persuasively that: "English choral music is not about instant gratification. ...

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Wells Cathedral

Art historians Steven Zucker and Beth Harris review this 12th-century Gothic masterpiece in Wells, Somerset, England.


The Creation of the Mini

In 1959 the British Motoring Corporation — based in Longbridge, England, just outside of Birmingham — unveiled a new, and very small, family car. ...

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