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Ultimate Guide to the Seychelles

Watch on YouTube From local dishes prepared with the spices and fresh fruits available at the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market to ziplining adventures through the lush rainforests, Condé Nast Traveller highlights the best this island nation has to offer. Runtime: 6 min.


Komsa Gayar

A popular album from Lindgo, a band known for their celebration of maloya, a style of music popular in the Seychelles and RĂ©union. It is a call-and-r...

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Poetry Postcards | Seychelles

Helda Marie won the most prestigious literary award in Seychelles in 2008-10 for her poetry. In this BBC podcast, she discusses her work and reads a p...

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This compilation album highlights moutya (also spelled moutia or montea), a popular form of music and dance throughout the islands. Artists usually si...

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Hawksbill Turtle Conservation

These critically endangered sea turtles are found in tropical and subtropical regions of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Learn about their environment and nesting habits on the Seychelles' North Island. Runtime: 1 min.

Get To Know Felicite Island

The French History of the Seychelles

Though the islands were known of by Europeans and sparsely inhabited by immigrants from African and Malaysia, the first settlements of any size didnâ...

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7 Seychellois artists who showcase life on the island through art

An introduction, with photos of artworks, to the islands’ artists including Egbert Marday, known for his work carving a new door for renovations to...

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5 musical instruments that play the Seychellois sounds

Lacking a purely indigenous musical tradition, the Seychelles has been influenced by a global mosaic of sounds and an equally international collectio...

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