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The History & Future of the Finnish Language

Watch on YouTube In this Library of Congress presentation, speakers explore the nature, myths, challenges (for English speakers) and outlook for the language. Runtime: 126 min.

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Food, Knowledge and How We Have Thrived on the Margins

on An unrivaled, must-read chronicling of the fabulous abundance and diversity of food in the Arctic. While many think of the Arct...

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Scandinavia's Salty Licorice Is Disgusting, and I Can't Get Enough of It

You know how you feel right before you barf, when spit pools under your tongue and your mouth feels ten degrees too hot? That sensation doubles when ...

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Sahti, the Ancient Beer of Finland, Is Not for Beginners

You can travel across Finland and find all different kinds of sahti. To keep it simple, just think of it an “ancient beer.” By Ilkka Sirén.

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Arctic Variety: Ice swimming for joy of life

Ice swimming for joy of life - Would you try this exotic Arctic adventure? As many as 100,000 Finns go ice swimming every winter.