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Tom Curren Explores Free-form Surfing on the French Coast | Made in Europe

Watch on YouTube In this Red Bull video, southern California-based filmmaker Matt Payne visits Hossegor (not far from Biarritz), France, where he spends time with legendary world champion Tom Curren.

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The Food of France

on Amazon An excellent travel-oriented guide to France's foods, rich in the underlying history and organized according the each geographic region's c...

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The Road from the Past

on Amazon Time travel through France by way of its finest castles, chateaux, cathedrals and monasteries. This unusual travelogue combines personal ob...

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Mastering the Art of French Eating

on Amazon The author's personal story of regional French cuisine. By Ann Mah.

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The Paleolithic Murals of Chauvet Cave

The undulating walls of the cave are adorned with remarkable 30,000 year-old depictions of animals from that far removed time, including the extinct megaloceros, wooly rhinoceros, cave bears, cave lions and hyenas.