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The Grenada Nutmeg Industry

Watch on YouTube An excellent introduction to what goes into producing one of the Spice Island's most important exports — the island is the second largest global player, responsible for 20% of the market (after Indonesia, with a whopping 75%). Runtime: 4 min.


The Caribbean in a Changing Global Environment

In this London School of Economics lecture, Barbadian historian and professor Sir Hilary Beckles explores whether small Caribbean island-countries can...

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King Sparrow's Calypso Carnival

The Grenada-born, Trinidadian-resident musician Mighty Sparrow is the voice of calypso, the highly rhythmic French-African fusion music that has becom...

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Writing a New Caribbean: Under the Surface

A picture of the Caribbean, as seen by a new generation of writers and poets. In this BBC podcast, Elisha Efua Bartels talks to Trinidadian writers Sh...

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Old Woman Alone

The quintessential track by one of Grenada's most revered musicians, the "Jab Jab" soca artist Tallpree.

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Kick'em Jenny Volcano

Oceanographer Steve Carey describes Grenada's Kick ‘em Jenny, one of the most active volcanoes in the eastern Caribbean and the only known active submarine volcano in the region. Runtime: 3 min.

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A New View of Grenada’s Revolution

Ronald Reagan’s legacy and the Caribbean island’s early-80s revolution. By Joshua Jelly-Schapiro.

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This Hearty Stew Is A One-Pot Lesson In Grenada's History

on When describing the cultural history of the Caribbean island of Grenada, it's the cooking pot rather than the melting pot that springs to ...

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The Caribbean Needs Tourism, and Tourism Needs Healthy Coral Reefs

on Coral reefs generate an estimated $7.9 billion total from roughly 11 million visitors to the Caribbean annually. In January 2019, The N...

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