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Catching & "Barbecuing" Crabs off the Texas Gulf Coast

Watch on YouTube BBQ crabs are a Texas Gulf Coast specialty, beloved by generations. Before Zagat editor Molly Moker has her first taste of the iconic dish (at Sartin's in Nederland), she spends a day on the water with Joe Comeaux, a commercial crabber in Port Bolivar. Does Molly have what it takes to haul traps and clean crustaceans? Runtime: 20 min.

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Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook: Recipes and Recollections from the Pitmasters

on Amazon Part travelogue, part instruction manual, with a side of history thrown in, this is the ultimate book on Texas BBQ. By Robb Walsh.

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The Southwest Table | Traditional Cuisine from Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

on Amazon A delightful mix of Southwest culinary history, insights from area chefs and food experts and mouthwatering recipes. By Dave Dewitt.

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Ancient Ruins and Rock Art of the Southwest: An Archaeological Guide

on Amazon An indispensable guide to archaeological ruins of the American Southwest, including Alibates Flint Quarries in Texas, the Zuni-Acoma Trail ...

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The Last American Rodeos (Part 1/2)

VICE went to the American Southwest and met up with some young Navajo cowboys to learn about the rodeo lifestyle.

Get To Know Houston, Texas

Giant Cane (Arundinaria Gigantea)

on This plant guide from the Dept of Agriculture profiles the indigenous grass that served the Native American tribes of the southeast ...

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Texas BBQ

on You’re in a frenzy by the time you get to the head of the line, where the hot meats are being sliced and weighed. You order...

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Texas lighthouses: Gulf coast lighthouse styles

Watch on YouTube In this presentation at the Houston Maritime Museum, one of the leading experts on Texas lighthouses, Richard S Hall reviews the vari...