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Oaxaca, The Land of Seven Moles

Watch on Vimeo So many moles, so little time. That’s how most visitors to Oaxaca feel when perusing the choices from mole pastes in the markets to fine examples served up at restaurants and street vendors all over the state. Chef Rick Bayless provides a valuable introduction to navigating the choices. Runtime: 25 min.


Folk Songs of Mexico

This Smithsonian Folkways recording features a Oaxacan folk legend, Alfonso Cruz Jimenez. For a full translation of these tracks, download the excelle...

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Marketing a Better Mezcal

Niki Nakazawa's path took her from the northeastern US to Mexico City to Oaxaca, from art to food and now to Neta, a mezcal brand devoted to supportin...

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Mexico's Culinary Heritage

In this “A Taste of the Past” podcast, culinary historian Linda Pelaccio speaks with author Margarita Carrillo Arronte to discuss the traditional ...

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The Best Places for Food in Mexico: Oaxaca

In this VICE Munchies video, host Daniel Hernandez dives right into the belly of Oaxacan food by starting his visit at the Mercado 20 de Noviembre, one of the old-school markets in the historic center of Oaxaca City. Here, he samples local fare like tejate, chilacayote, tasajo and chapulines, Oaxaca's famous toasted grasshoppers. Since everyone needs a recharge, Daniel then visits a classic cantina called El Chato, and has the house special, a Mexican lager in a salted, lime-crusted glass. Later that night, he dines with chef Alejandro Ruiz, at the temple of contemporary Oaxaca cuisine, Casa Oaxaca.

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Oaxaca Has a Minty Cure for Your Hangover

Time spent in the Oaxaca — the world's mezcal epicenter — can be dangerous. With a cup of iced te de poleo in my hand, I no longer feel on the br...

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Mezcal sunrise

Searching Oaxaca for the ultimate artisanal distillate. By Dana Goodyear.

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This Is How You Drink Through Oaxaca

Oaxaca is the only place on earth where it's possible to taste the true depth and diversity of mezcal. Here's how to make the most of it in just 48 h...

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