Chicago: A Bird’s-eye view

Watch on Vimeo Striking drone shots of the city center.


Father Pfleger's mission on Chicago's South Side

Since the nineteen-seventies, Father Michael Pfleger, a white priest at the largest black church on Chicago’s South Side, has been fighting to bring...

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The MCC: Chicago’s Jailhouse Skyscraper

The Metropolitan Correctional Center, or MCC, is a federal jail right in the middle of downtown Chicago. It’s a triangle-shaped skyscraper, 27 stori...

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The Menu | Food Neighbourhoods: Chicago, Irving Park Road

Monocle's Alison Cuddy and local food lover Coyote DeGroot tour the food scene along Chicago’s historic Irving Park Road. Runtime: 14 min.

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Chicago's Halsted Street

Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and also one of the most segregated. In this episode of Streets by VICE, explore Halsted Street, the city’s backbone, which cuts through these worlds and tells the story of how people connect in this complicated city.

Get To Know Illinois

The Plan of Chicago: 1909-1979

on This catalog from the Art Institute provides an excellent background on Daniel Burnham’s transformative Plan of Chicago ...

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The Plan of Chicago

on An introduction to Daniel Burnham's famous Plan of Chicago — the conditions that prompted it, the major recommen...

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Chicago: The Movable Bridge Capital of the World

Chicago has more movable bridges than any other city in the world, and is recognized as an international innovator in the engineering of bridges. By ...

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