Fijian Canoe

Watch on YouTube Expert Dr. Paul Geraghty explores the history, types and functions of traditional Fijian canoes. Runtime: 11 min.


Settlement of the Pacific

Dr. Patrick Kirch, University of California at Berkeley, explains the current state of archaeologists' understanding of the settlement of the Pacific ...

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Traditional Songs from Polynesia

The traditional music of Polynesia is based on poetic texts that are metaphorical and filled with allusions. The sound is both melodic and rhythmic, f...

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A Consuming Tradition: Kava Drinking in Fiji

View on An anthropologist offers insights into the traditional beverage and its vexed status in Fijian society: relaxing...

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Kelly Slater's Love Affair with Fiji Since 1990 15,417 views

Surfing legend Kelly Slater explains his love affair with the breaks at Cloudbreak and Restaurants on Fiji's Tavarua, a small heart-shaped island off the northwest coast of the Viti Levu. Runtime: 3 min.

Get To Know Kadavu Islands

Fijian Fish Kokonda

Esteemed chef Lance Seeto shares his recipe for Fiji's ceviche-like fish dish, prepared with coconut milk.

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The Making of an Alphabet

To visitors, Fijian spelling may seem strange, since it uses several familiar letters in an unfamiliar way. But the alphabet came about through neith...

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Drua - double hulled voyaging canoe of Fiji

on A good review of the traditional double-hulled canoe of Fiji, including a large-scale model so you can visualize all of...

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