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Hawaii’s Long Legacy of Lei Making

Watch on YouTube In Hawaii, there’s no better way to say and share aloha than with a lei. The floral craft — which dates back to traditional times — may seem straightforward to outsiders, but it comes in many forms. Travel to the island of Oahu, where three master artisans want to introduce you to the lei’s vibrant past and thriving present. Runtime: 4 min.


Pearl Harbour

In this BBC Witness podcast, hear from Adolph Kuhn, a US Navy mechanic stationed at Pearl Harbor when the bombs began to fall on December 7, 1941. Run...

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Hawaiian feather helmet

In this BBC podcast, the British Museum’s Neil MacGregor investigates the impact of Captain Cook on the island the meaning of the feathered helmet g...

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Early History: Polynesia & Hawaii

Cultural anthropologist Patrick V Kirch shares insights from his research into the waves of settlement of Polynesia (from an original source in Taiwan...

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Fishing and Eating Like Ancient Hawaiians

Gargantuan luau dinners and Hawaiian pizza have nothing to do with authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Originally a simple diet based around root starches and fish, chefs in Hawaii are combating clichés and crafting Hawaiian menus that are more in harmony with those of their ancestors. Mark “Gooch” Noguchi is one such chef. Join him as he fishes with food practitioners and rediscovers the food of Hawaii's past. Runtime: 5 min.