Luang Prabang Architectural Heritage

Watch on YouTube This short video offer a good introduction to the city’s architectural history, providing examples of traditional Lao, colonial and modern styles.

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Theravada Buddhism

on Amazon A comprehensive look at the unique flavor of Buddhism, dominant in Sri Lanka (the heartland), Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. By Rich...

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The River's Tale: A Year on the Mekong

on Amazon The Mekong flows for three thousand miles, snaking its way through Southeast Asia from the Tibetan plateau to the delta in south Vietnam. D...

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The Enduring Sacred Landscape of the Naga

on Amazon While naga (supernatural beings with both serpent and human attributes) iconography adorns Buddhist temples throughout Southeast Asia, part...

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The Elusive Giant Catfish

Biologist Zeb Hogan travels the mighty Mekong river in search of the increasingly elusive Giant Catfish. Runtime: 5 min.