Body Arts: Tatau and Ta Moko | Maori and Samoan Perspectives

Watch on Vimeo In this excellent presentation, Maori artist George Nuku and Samoan artist Rosanna Raymond talk about the significance of traditional Polynesian tattoo designs and some of the stories behind them. Runtime: 18 min.

Get To Know Lautoka, Fiji

Peopling of the Pacific: A Holistic Anthropological Perspective

on A scholarly look at the timeline associated with the expansion of people out of southeast Asia into Oceania. By Patrick V Kirch.

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In Fiji, Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like a Sperm Whale Tooth

The giving of tabuas is very much still alive and a part of Fijian culture. By Serena Solomon.

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How Sharks Rule Coral Reefs Through Fear – and Why That Matters

A new study finds that the presence of sharks can change coral reef ecosystems. Such research is becoming more important as both a top ocean predator...

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Atua: Sacred Gods from Polynesia

A curator from the National Gallery of Australia explains Atua, the sacred gods from Polynesia.

Get To Know Lautoka, Fiji

South Sea Tales

Download for free from Originally published in 1911, a collection of eight compelling stories drawn from the author's adventures sailing...


Pacific Worlds: A History of Seas, Peoples and Cultures

on Amazon A single-volume history of the Pacific tracing the global interactions and remarkable peoples that have connected these regions with each o...

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How to Read Oceanic Art

on Amazon The author, a Metropolitan Museum curator, analyzes the most illustrative Oceanic pieces from the museum's collection—including lively pa...

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