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Mexico: One Plate at a Time | Mediterranean Baja Cuisine

Watch on Vimeo Chef Rick Bayless tours the peninsula, pointing out its distinctive culinary "Mediterranean" character. Runtime: 27 min.

Get To Know Los Cabos, Mexico

The Gulf of California: A Physical, Geological & Biological Study

on A good condensed report of all key aspect that contribute to making Mexico's Gulf of California (aka Sea of Cortez) a natural wonder. ...

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The great, weird, largely unsuccessful Baja road trip

A 1,000-mile drive, from Tijuana in the north, where thousands of immigrants breathe in the second-hand smoke of the American Dream as it burns to as...

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Diving With Great White Sharks in Mexico

In Isla Guadalupe, dives to see great white sharks have more of an eco-tourism focus than operations that may antagonize them. By Benjamin Lowy.

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Deep: Freediving and Renegade Science

In this Talk at Google, author James Nestor explains how freediving is more than just a competitive sport or a hunting technique – it has become a vital tool in marine mammal research, looking at the case of Sperm whales' click communication. Runtime: 32 min.

Get To Know Los Cabos, Mexico

Wines of Baja Mexico: A qualitative study examining viticulture, enology, and marketing practices

Based on 10 in-depth interviews with winery owners and winemakers in the Valle de Guadalupe of the Baja peninsula, where the majority of Mexican wine...

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Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon): North America’s Other Majestic Canyon

on An excellent review of the canyon, the stops along the Chihuahua al Pacifico railroad and the local Tarahumara Indians. (Note: Th...

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This Baja Oyster Expert is Revolutionizing Oyster Farming

Meet Vicente Guerrero Herrera, who is reinventing the oyster at his farm in Baja’s southern Ensenada. By Memo Bautista; translated by Julie Schwiet...

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