Tapa Cloth

Watch on YouTube Eco fashion is nothing new in the Pacific Islands (esp. Tonga, Samoa and Fiji). For centuries they've been wearing tapa cloth (aka barkcloth), made from the beaten bark of trees. These days it's still popular for special occasions. Runtime: 3 min.


Traditional Songs from Polynesia

The traditional music of Polynesia is based on poetic texts that are metaphorical and filled with allusions. The sound is both melodic and rhythmic, f...

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A Consuming Tradition: Kava Drinking in Fiji

View on An anthropologist offers insights into the traditional beverage and its vexed status in Fijian society: relaxing...

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Fiji — 20 Great Favourites

To get you in the mood, South Pacific Singers perform a collection of traditional Fijian tracks, which feature the classic instruments: guitar, u...

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Fijian Kokoda Salad

Chef Lance Seeto prepares Fiji's national dish, kokoda, a ceviche-style fish served with coconut milk. Runtime: 9 min.

Get To Know Mamanuca Islands

Lali - The Drums of Fiji

A sweeping tour-de-force examination of the islands' traditional instrument. (Note: This links directly to a PDF, so please be patient as it might ta...

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Architecture of Fiji

on A tour de force review of the islands' distinctive wood-and-straw-based architecture, pointing out the regional differences ...

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The Best Delicacies Found In Fiji

The basic elements of Fijian cooking consists of sweet potatoes, taro (a yam-like root vegetable), rice, cassava, coconut and fish. A ...

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