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Martinique coconut chicken curry

Watch on YouTube The BBC's Levi Roots demonstrates how to cook a local favorite: chicken with mango, papaya and tamarind in the island's out-of-this-world spicy curry sauce, Colombo. Runtime: 4 min.


The Caribbean's History is the Key to its Freedom

In the United States, the politics of identity and immigration is filled with a complex narrative. But head south, and you'll find identity politics a...

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The Best of Kassav'

The best tracks from the originators of fast-carnival-beat zouk music, the signature sound of Martinique and Guadeloupe, sung in the native French Ant...

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The Sound of Zouk

Get in the mood with this collection of zouk, the signature dance music of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

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Clement Rhum

Ben Jones, owner of Martinique's Rhum Clément, explains what makes rum from the island so special. Hint: it's all about the juice! Runtime: 13 min.

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Anse Cafard Slave Memorial, Martinique

A striking monument to the ship that sunk off the coast in 1833, killing over 40 enslaved people. By Steve Bennett.

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Tracing the roots of America's coffee addition to Martinique

We owe it all to Gabriel de Clieu, a French officer who risked everything to bring the plant to Martinique, becoming the first ever to do so. By Stev...

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Meet R(h)um’s One Percent

From the dank jungle of Martinique to the cool cellars of Cognac, a new wave of high-quality r(h)um is establishing both the depth of the category an...

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