Ian Walsh and co on the big-wave mayhem of January

Watch on YouTube The planet's most elite big-wave riders descend on Maui's north shore to take on perfect Pe'ahi (aka Jaws). Some incredible rides.


The Sounds of Hawaii

A collection of the traditional-style Hawaiian tracks. The perfect mood-setting soundtrack.

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Songlines of Humpback Whales

Humpback whales travel in an unending cycle of migration over vast distances, from the equator to the polar regions. Hear their magnificent songs, com...

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The Whale - A History

In this BBC podcast, Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the evolutionary history of the whale. How this creature developed into the celebrated leviathan ...

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Humpback whale migration

Marine biologists Dr Fred Sharpe and Kenneth O‘Brien explain the history of humpback whale migration between Alaska (summer feeding grounds) and Hawaii (winter breeding grounds), especially the Maui Nui basin. Runtime: 50 min.

Get To Know Maui, Hawaii

Layered Stories of Hula

Fundamental to Hawaiian identity, hula — as the visual expression of poetry — expresses the people’s love for their gods, people and lands. Thi...

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Meet Poké, the Hawaiian Raw Fish Dish Having Its Moment in the Sun

A look at the ubiquitous dish of chunky tuna marinated in soy and sesame. By Elyssa Goldberg.

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When Did the Polynesians Settle Hawai‘i?

on Until recently, orthodox opinion put initial Polynesian discovery of Hawai‘i between ca. 300–750 CE. In the past two decades,...

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