Miami | A Scenic Short Film

Watch on Vimeo Striking images capture the colors of Miami. Runtime: 3 min.


Art Basel Miami through the eyes of a curator

Franklin Sirmans, Chief Curator of Contemporary Art at LACMA, provides his perspective on the culture of the trademark Miami event and the artists who...

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Making the Perfect Iced Tea

Author Fred Thompson shares his thoughts on the perfect iced tea, a drink some call the "house wine of the South."

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Songs of the Seminole Indians of Florida

Dr Frances Densmore made these recordings of traditional music for Smithsonian Folkways from 1931-1933 on repeat visits to two reservations in Florida...

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Coral City

Get a look at the process behind Coral Morphologic's living artworks, colorful reefs created using coral polyps native to Miami. Runtime: 14 min.

Get To Know Miami, Florida

The Miami Connection

on Billionaire Marcelo Claure wants to bring soccer to South Florida. He just doesn't want to talk about it. By Robert Andrew Powell.

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Downtown Miami: More Than a Gateway to the Beach

In the past several years, downtown Miami has been undergoing renovation, first as a cultural destination — its acclaimed Perez Art Museum Miami op...

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When It Comes to Contemporary Art, Miami Wants More, More, More

Lest anyone wonder how this major metropolitan area with the second-highest poverty rate in the nation can afford this artsy largess — especially w...

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