SUB.Culture Montréal

Watch on YouTube Under the icy glaze of a Canadian winter, Montreal's dance scene is thriving. At the cultural crossroads of Europe and North America, the city's club life was born from the dust of disco and today lives in and around small communities with impressive reach. Runtime: 6 min.


Two languages make life confusing in Montreal, but they also make it rich

Montreal has been a city on the rebound for the last decade, from public bike sharing system to hi-tech startups. What's responsible for this resurgen...

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Songs and Dances of the Great Lakes Indians

These Smithsonian Folkways recordings reveal the traditional music of the Great Lakes and St Lawrence river tribes: Algonquin, Meskwaki, Ojibwa (Chipp...

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The Urbanist | Tall Stories: Montreal’s Olympic Stadium

Monocle's Toronto bureau chief Tomos Lewis tells the story of one of the city’s most famed structures. Runtime: 7 min.

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Get To Know Montreal, Canada

Funny Food

Invented in rural Quebec, poutine — French fries with cheese curds and brown gravy — is considered by some Montreal residents of relatively sophi...

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Prohibition and the Smuggling of Intoxicating Liquors between the Two Saults

on A very important omission of the Ontario Temperance Act was that although it made the possession liquor for the purpose of consumpti...

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This Over-the-Top Fried Chicken Sandwich From Montreal Will Steal Your Heart

There should be certain dishes on one’s must-eat list when going to Montreal. Among them: a mile-high smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s, a chewy...

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