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Sydney’s Original Infinity Pools

Watch on YouTube Take a dip in some of the more than 100 ocean baths and rock pools in New South Wales. To look around this 360° video from the New York Times, simply place your cursor on the video, then click and drag the view in any direction.

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The Big Bust - Southerly Busters Explained!

on A “Southerly Buster” is the term Sydneysiders have adopted for an abrupt southerly weather front — featuring high winds and cool ...

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Physical Characteristics of the Koala

A detailed review of the Australia's endemic koala, the population concentrations of which are greatest in the central and north coast of New South W...

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Home grown: The revival of Australian coffee farms

An introduction to the coffee production in Australia, an industry that goes back the early 19th century in New South Wales. By Michael Pepperell.

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TEN's The Living Room visits a a beautiful macadamia farm

Australia is the homeland of macadamias and the world’s largest producer. Chef Miguel Maestre learns about macadamias and makes a delicious Caramel Macadamia Slice on a beautiful macadamia farm in Northern New South Wales (NSW).

Get To Know New South Wales, Australia

Wise Women of the Dreamtime: Aboriginal Tales of the Ancestral Powers

on Amazon The collection features 14 stories collected by Katie Langloh Parker (1856-1940) in New South Wales, which provide invaluable insight in Ab...

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Old colonial architecture in New South Wales and Tasmania

on Amazon The definitive resource on the subject. By W Hardy Wilson.

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The Secret River

on Amazon Inspired by the history of her own family, the author evokes all the bravado, trickery and conflict over the settlement of New South Wales ...

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