Joe Harawira on Maori culture

Watch on YouTube A Maori New Zealander born in Whakatane on the Northern Island, Joe Harawira is an international storyteller and tikanga (protocols) expert. In this interview he talks about Maori culture, its language, the meaning of the ta moko (Maori tattoo) and the importance of storytelling. Runtime: 19 min.

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Maori Gardening | An Archaeological Perspective

on This scholarly paper discusses crops cultivated by the indigenous Maori people, the most important being the kumara (sweet potato), wh...

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An early sophisticated East Polynesian voyaging canoe discovered on New Zealand’s coast

on The colonization of the islands of East Polynesia was a remarkable episode in the history of human migration and seafaring. This report a...

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New Zealand Pinot Noir

The country is producing some of the most compelling Burgundy-style pinots in the world. This educational article offers an excellent introduction. B...

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Kiwis: Saving The World's Cutest Endangered Birds

The Kiwi bird could soon become extinct on mainland New Zealand. But one man is determined to prevent this from happening. Farmer David Wallace was horrified to learn that Kiwi chicks hatched in the wild only have a 5% chance of survival. He's on a mission to save his national bird and has built a 16 acre bird reserve on his land to protect them. Now he wants to turn the nearby mountain — North Island's Maungatautari — into a Kiwi sanctuary. Runtime: 7 min.

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on Amazon A compilation of 28 personal stories set in New Zealand and England in the early part of the 20th century. The author's genius is to pinpoi...

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Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before

on Amazon Two centuries after James Cook's epic voyages of discovery, the author takes readers on a wild ride across hemispheres and centuries to rec...

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The Penguin History of New Zealand

on Amazon New Zealand's leading historian tells the story of the country in this best-selling work. By Michael King.

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