Watch on Vimeo A short video containing beautiful shots of Nuremberg and Rothenburg, a small village 100 km away. Runtime: 3 min.

Get To Know Nuremberg, Germany

Half-timbered house in the border triangle

on A full review of the history, architectural features and structural details of half-timbered houses in Germany, Switzerland, nor...

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Gothic and Renaissance Art in Nuremberg, 1300–1550

This catalog from the Metropolitan Museum reveals the artistic vitality of Nuremberg during a critical period of evolution from an important but arti...

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Frohe Weihnachten: A Visit to Germany's Christmas Markets

on Germany's Christmas markets are famous the world over. This article gives a quick run-down on the best of the bunch and local specialti...

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Dürer's woodcuts and engravings

Art historians David Drogin and Beth Harris shed light on the Nuremberg artist’s woodcut technique.

Get To Know Nuremberg, Germany

When In Germany, Do As The Germans Do

on Amazon An intriguing book that — by way of an entertaining 120-question quiz — teaches you about Germany's culture, language and people. ...

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The Rhine

on Amazon The art-historian author profiles an in-depth review of the art, architecture, history, landscape and geography of the Rhine. By Roland Rec...

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The History of Western Philosophy

on Amazon While not country-specific, this masterpiece puts all of the greats — the ancient Greeks and Romans, early Catholic philosophers, and the...

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