Beautiful Desert Canyons

Watch on YouTube Discover the dramatic landscape of Arizona, where canyons have been carved out of the ground by flash floods. To look around this 360° video from BBC Earth, simply place your cursor on the video, then click and drag the view in any direction. Runtime: 3 min.


Music of the Sioux and the Navajo

This 1949 album from Smithsonian Folkways was recorded by American ethnomusicologist Willard Rhodes (1901-1992) with the cooperation of The United Sta...

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Navajo Songs

These Smithsonian Folkways recordings from 1933-1940 offer an excellent introduction to the tribe’s ritual dance and game songs. To better understan...

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Hopi Tales

For Smithsonian Folkways, radio and television actor Jack Moyles (1913-1979) performs spoken-word stories of the Hopi people, which were taken from Pe...

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Chasing Wild Storms in Arizona

A mesmerizing collection of shots taken by filmmaker and storm chaser Dustin Farrell who spent a month logging 20,000 miles to capture wild Southwestern weather.

Get To Know Phoenix

Annotating the first page of the first Navajo-English dictionary

A Navajo woman's touching personal story told with reference to Navajo words and expressions. By Danielle Geller.

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Make the Original Tequila Sunrise

The most common origin story for this vibrant cocktail indicates it originated at the Arizona Biltmore hotel in Phoenix. While the ingredients have ...

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