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Vallée de Mai on Praslin

Watch on YouTube Experience the distinctive natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This forest is home to five native palms, including the famed coco-de-mer, and remains largely unchanged since prehistoric times. Runtime: 1 min.


Komsa Gayar

A popular album from Lindgo, a band known for their celebration of maloya, a style of music popular in the Seychelles and Réunion. It is a call-and-r...

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Poetry Postcards | Seychelles

Helda Marie won the most prestigious literary award in Seychelles in 2008-10 for her poetry. In this BBC podcast, she discusses her work and reads a p...

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This compilation album highlights moutya (also spelled moutia or montea), a popular form of music and dance throughout the islands. Artists usually si...

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Giant tortoises, fruit bats, sea turtles!

Join animal expert Corbin Maxey as he teaches kids about these animals who call the Seychelles home. While both giant tortoises and sea turtles are considered endangered, the fruit bat population is currently stable. Runtime: 3 min.

Get To Know Praslin

Seychelles Black Parrot

An overview of the national bird of the Seychelles which is found only in the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve on the island of Praslin. Includes inform...

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The Most Spectacular Places to Cycle in Seychelles

With more than 420 miles (675km) of cycling routes, biking in this archipelago is an ideal way to experience the islands’ natural beauty. The Cultu...

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Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve

on Located on the island of Praslin, in the Seychelles, this palm forest remains largely unchanged since prehistoric times. Home to five n...

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