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Raiatea - The Holy Island

Watch on Vimeo Striking aerial shots of the beautiful landscapes of the Society Islands' Raiatea. Runtime: 3 min.


Traditional Songs from Polynesia

The traditional music of Polynesia is based on poetic texts that are metaphorical and filled with allusions. The sound is both melodic and rhythmic, f...

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The Magic of Tahitian Dance

A vibrant collection of dance songs from Tahiti's most famous dance company, Les Grandes Ballets de Tahiti. The perfect mood-setting soundtrack.

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Tahitian Lost Paradise

A vintage collection of popular tunes from the Tahitian islands in the 1940's. The perfect mood-setting soundtrack.

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How to speak Tahitian!

Ia orana! Learn a few basic words in Tahitian with Coral Rodriguez. Runtime: 1 min.

Get To Know Raiatea

An Introduction to Tahitian Food

Savor the flavors of the islands of French Polynesia with this quick guide. By Donna Heiderstadt.

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Tifaifai in Tahiti: Embracing Change

on The island’s tifaifai — colorful appliqué and piecework textiles — represent a fusion of indigenous barkcloth (aka tapa) tr...

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Tahitian Vanilla: A Vanilla Species with Unique Features

This scholarly paper takes a thoughtful, detailed look at the unique character and sensory properties of the island's highly coveted vanilla (vanilla...

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