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Singapore's Super Trees

Watch on YouTube In the center of Singapore, a manmade horticultural haven blooms. Supertree Grove is a manmade forest consisting of 18 “trees” soaring as high as 160 feet. This short video from Great Big Story takes you there. Runtime: 2 min.


How Singapore Became One Of The Richest Places On Earth

Singapore has been called the 20th century's most successful development story — a look back on Lee Kuan Yew's legacy. Runtime: 4 min.

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The Menu | Food neighbourhoods: Singapore, Katong district

Off the beaten tourist track, Katong is a vibrant area home to a number of Singapore's varied ethnic groups. Debbie Yong, digital editor for the Miche...

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The History of Singapore | Introduction and Origins

In this excellent series, PJ Thum introduces kicks off with a discussion about the partition of Malaya in 1946 under Lee Kuan Yew, its importance, and...

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Singapore — The Peranakan Culture

Martha Stewart explores the Singaporean culture (and cuisine) of the Peranakan people, paying a visit to the well-preserved Baba House. Runtime: 7 min.

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36 Hours in Singapore

Yes, there are futuristic mega malls and skyscrapers. But you’ll also find a rich cultural heritage reflected in traditional temples and shrines, s...

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An Introduction to Singaporean Food

This is a country of five million dead-serious eaters, the kind of people who ask, "have you eaten?" as a form of greeting. By Max Falkowitz.

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Snapshots from Singapore: A Guide to Singaporean Coffee

Kopi is a dark and full bodied brew, less bitter (and, you could argue, more aromatic) than Vietnamese versions, but with the same subtle caramel-swe...

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