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Kate Humble’s Walkabout | Wildlife of Kangaroo Island

Watch on Vimeo Just a short hop from Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is the country's third largest island. Over a third of it is designated as a nature reserve so it's the perfect place to come and spot some of the continent's iconic species. Runtime: 3 min.

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The City of Adelaide | A Thematic History

A multi-angled historical account of how the city assumed its current form. By Patricia Sumerling and Katrina McDougall.

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The South Australian Wine Story

on A general review of South Australia's revered wines, accompanied by profiles of each of the 18 resident regions that provide insight int...

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Coastal Landscapes of South Australia

on Geologically, the South Australian coast is very young, having evolved during the past 43 million years since the separation of Austra...

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Finding Tiger Snakes

More venomous than a King Cobra and a Black Mamba, the tiger snake — indigenous the southern regions of Australia — is one of the most dangerous reptiles in the world. This video from BBC Earth explores. Runtime: 3 min.

Get To Know South Australia

Unearthing Viticulture in the Limestone Coast

.au A great wine-lover's resource explaining the climate, geology, soils, hydrology and environment of South Australia’s revered Limestone Coast. By...

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The Various Origins of Minor Granite Landforms

on In this scholarly article, two experts reveal the geological processes by which many of Australia's most famous granite landforms originate...

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Australia's Rock Icons

The “Twelve Apostles” of Australia's southern shore (not far outside of Melbourne) push upwards from the surf as though reaching for the heavens....

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