American Artifacts: Images of Charleston, South Carolina in 1865

Watch on YouTube Photographer Rick Rhodes gives C-SPAN's American History TV a guided tour of his Charleston photo exhibit. Now part of the Library of Congress collections, the images were taken near the end of the Civil War by photographers working for the United States department of the South. Runtime: 5 min.


In search of southern hospitality

The hospitality of the Southern States of America is renowned the world over and the phrase "Southern Hospitality" represents a time honoured traditio...

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What Southern Food Stories Reveal

This Serious East Special Sauce podcast is with great Southern food chronicler John T Edge, who explains the unique mix of cultures and socio-economic...

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Slavery, Freedom and Grandma's House

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, in Washington, DC, now houses a tiny cabin that was originally built in t...

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Columbia: South Carolina's Historic State House

Tour this historic building with John Bryan — author of "Creating the South Carolina State House" — who talks about the unique structural aspects of this building, which took almost a half century to complete. Runtime: 14 min.

Get To Know South Carolina

Rich swamps and rice grounds: the specialization of inland rice culture in the South Carolina Lowcountry, 1670-1861

on This scholarly paper explores the environmental and technological complexity of South Carolina Lowland inland rice plantations. By Hayden ...

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How to Speak South Carolinian

Spend just a few minutes talking with a South Carolinian and any visitor will notice one thing: The natives have a way with words. By Kerry Egan.

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South Carolina BBQ

on When you mention S.C., people usually want to start a fight about sauces. But this whole argument turns on the perverted idea...

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