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Time Team | Nevis, Caribbean

Watch on YouTube Tony Robinson leads an archaeological team to the Caribbean island of Nevis to uncover the remains of 18th century sugar plantations. Runtime: 45 min.

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The Geology of Nevis

A summary of the island's geology, based on into seven primary volcanic centers.

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Coral Reef Report Card | St Kitts and Nevis

on A concise, well-illustrated evaluation of the island's coral reef ecosystem.

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Beyond Time Team: Archaeological Investigations at Coconut Walk, Nevis, West Indies

on Paper detailing the archaeological investigations at the coastal site of Coconut Walk in Nevis, West Indies.

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Everyday Cookup - Goat Water, Cookup, Bull Foot

An excellent introduction to a few of Nevis' typical foods: pancakes, bull foot stew, goat water, and cookup (pelau). Runtime: 13 min.

Get To Know St. Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean

Birds of the West Indies

on Amazon The undisputed leading field guide. By Herbert A Raffaele, James Wiley, Orlando H Garrido, Allan Keith and Janis I Raffaele; illustrated by...

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The Taínos

on Amazon A noted archaeologist and anthropologist tells the story of the Taínos, the pre-columbian indigenous people of the Caribbean, from their a...

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The Sugar Barons

on Amazon For two hundred years after 1650, the West Indies were the center of trade in sugar — a commodity so lucrative it was known as "white gol...

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