Discovering Vancouver | Timelapse

Watch on Vimeo Beautiful timelapse images of Vancouver. Runtime: 3 min.

Get To Know Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver commits to run on 100% renewable energy

Canadian city of 600,000 people is the latest to announce it will use only green energy for electricity, transportation, heating and air conditioning...

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My Vancouver: An Ever-Unfolding Story

For the author, this gleaming, complex city in British Columbia is "a rolling, improvisatory work in progress." By Timothy Taylor.

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Vancouver Island, Through an Artist’s Eyes

Revered in British Columbia, little known in the US, the artist Emily Carr, born in Victoria in 1871, may be from another era, but amid environmental...

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Millions of Salmon Return Home

Every four years, millions of sockeye salmon journey thousands of miles from the ocean back to their native spawning grounds in British Columbia's Fraser River. There, after eggs are laid, the parents die. Then the cycle begins anew as the next generation of salmon makes its way down the river and into the ocean. Runtime: 4 min.

Get To Know Vancouver, Canada

Ethnocultural Minority Enclaves in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

View on The number of ethnocultural minority enclaves in Canada’s largest cities is growing rapidly, and these residential settings are hi...


Story of cities: Vancouver dumps its freeway plan for a more beautiful future

In the 1960s, Vancouver’s historic downtown was at risk of being razed for modern road projects – only for an extraordinary protest movement to t...

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