Frenetic Zurich

Watch on Vimeo Pulsating and electrifying timelapse images of the city of Zurich. Runtime: 3 min.


The Sounds of Switzerland | Traditional Folk Music

A hand-picked collection of traditional Swiss folk music tracks. The perfect mood-setting soundtrack.

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The Menu | Food neighbourhoods: Zürich, Kreis 4

Once a seedy neighbourhood, Zürich’s Kreis 4 has gradually become popular among the city’s creatives. While retaining some of its original charac...

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The Urbanist | Tall Stories: Zürich river swimming

Monocle business editor Matt Alagiah tells us why his latest trip to Zurich — and this is important, in the summer — means he’s no longer wet be...

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Swiss Jura - Absinthe (the Green Fairy) | What's Cookin'

Absinthe production was legalized in Switzerland in 2005. Before this time, one had to distill in secret, like family Martin did. Today, father and son produce Green Fairy together, while wife and daughter cook up delicious absinthe-spiked recipes. Runtime: 26 min.

Swiss Cheeses

A one-stop-shop for detailed information — milk type, aging, flavor profile and appearance — on all of the country's wonderful cheeses.

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