Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Discover the astonishing Arabian metropolis that lives by the mantra, “if you can dream it, we can build it.”

In a little over 25 years Dubai has exploded skyward, from an Arabian backwater into one of the most dynamic and visually impressive cities on Earth. It has grown at an incredible speed; 40 years ago there wasn’t a single high-rise in Dubai. Today, there are giant islands in the shape of palm trees that can be seen from space and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is ruled by a Royal Dynasty with a vision and ambition to drive Dubai’s phenomenal growth. The discovery of oil reserves in the 1960s transformed the area from a simple fishing village into a powerful financial center and transport hub. As the oil reserves began to dwindle, the city turned its attention firmly to tourism.

One of Dubai’s biggest attractions is its shopping. Explore the glittering streets of the Gold Souk in search of jewelry bargains, or get lost in retail heaven for the day in Dubai Mall, one of the world’s biggest shopping centers. This mall features more than 1,000 stores, an aquarium and indoor theme park.

Dubai offers attractions which defy the harsh arid environment. Stand in awe in front of the Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest dancing fountain, or grab your skis and cut through real snow at the indoor ski resort of Ski Dubai.

There’s more to Dubai than just man-made opulence. Relax on beautiful beaches, explore nature-rich wetlands and discover the magical desert environment at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

The superb climate makes Dubai a year-round destination. If you are not used to temperatures that can top 104 F (40 C), the best times to visit are during the winter and spring months.

Travel Tips

We offer a variety of transportation options throughout Dubai in order to make your Dubai vacation truly spectacular. While traveling in Dubai we recommend :

  • Private transfers at time of booking - All transfers include a meet-and-greet by English-speaking drivers, luggage assistance, and bottled water in modern vehicles to and from all points of entry.

When traveling to the United Arab Emirates be sure to pre-book tours and activities to get the dates and times you desire, avoid sellouts, and get the best pricing. Pre-booking is especially important during high-season winter travel months.

Entry Requirements

  • Every visitor must have a current passport for entry, valid for at least six months past your date of entry, and a ticket for return or onward travel to another country. Upon arrival, a four-month tourist visa is issued.


  • The United Arab Emirates currency is the dirham (AED).
  • Most credit cards are readily accepted and ATMs are available in Dubai.
  • Exchange rates vary with economic seasonality.

Tipping Etiquette

  • 15-20 percent tips for Dubai are optional.

Time Difference

  • The United Arab Emirates is in the Gulf standard time zone, which is four hours ahead of Greenwich mean time (GMT plus four).
  • The country does not observe daylight savings time.

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