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Papeete, Tahiti

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No vacation destination suggests paradise more than French Polynesia. The Islands of Tahiti offer miles of private beaches, crystalline waters, and soft breezes long celebrated by artists and travelers alike. Sleep above the turquoise lagoon waters in your thatched-roof hideaway with all the amenities and service of a first class hotel room.

The temperature in the Islands of Tahiti averages 79 degrees Farenheit year round. The ocean and lagoon waters average 80 degrees year round. In summer (November through April), the climate is slightly warmer and more humid. During Winter (May through October), the climate is somewhat cooler and dryer.

Flight Times

  • 7.5 hours from Los Angeles
  • 15.5 hours from New York (via Los Angeles)

Unlike any other properties in the world, the resorts in the Islands of Tahiti offer the perfect combination of experiences, service, dramatic views, cuisine, ambience, and accommodations. Lodging types range from rooms and suites with ocean views to thatched roof bungalows on stilts perched above the water with glass floors and a private deck with a ladder to the water.

Must-see sights

  • Pearl farms, the warm lagoons of many of the islands are perfect for producing pearls because of the temperature, density, salinity, light, and pure climate.
  • Island interiors, many islands’ inland areas are sites of ancient Polynesian villages

Things to do

  • Indulge in a luxury spa treatment - the Islands of Tahiti have quickly become one of the world's leading spa destinations. Most spas are open-air and located in garden areas facing the blue lagoons.
  • Dive or snorkel - Divers and snorkelers are amazed by the density of large marine life. Regular encounters include manta rays whose gigantic wingspan eclipses the passing diver
  • Shop for pearls - The warm lagoon waters of the islands and atolls is Mother Nature's choice for the cultivation of the world's purest and most sought-after gem: the Tahitian Cultured Pearl.

We offer a variety of transportation options throughout Tahiti in order to make your Tahiti vacation truly spectacular. We can arrange for VIP welcome at the airport, complete with deluxe lei greeting and private car to either your hotel, the ferry terminal, or cruise ship pier. Luggage handling and personal assistance is available. Shared transport is also available.

While traveling in Tahiti we recommend :

  • Private transfers at time of booking - All transfers include a meet-and-greet by English-speaking drivers, luggage assistance, and bottled water in modern vehicles to and from all points of entry.

Entry Requirements

  • Every visitor must have a passport, a return airline ticket to the resident country, and sufficient funds to cover the planned stay
  • For stays up to one month, there are no visa requirements for citizens of the United States, Canada, or Mexico.


The currency is the Euro; however, French Pacific francs (XPFs) are also acceptable.
  • Most visitors exchange money at the airport upon arrival.
  • Exchange rates vary with economic seasonality.
  • Most credit cards are readily accepted in tourist areas.
  • ATMs are available on the populated islands.

Time Difference

  • The Islands of Tahiti are in the same time zone as Hawaii.
  • The Islands are two hours behind Pacific Standard Time.

Local Videos

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Entry Requirements

  • A passport is required when traveling outside of your country. If any passenger carries anything other than a Passport supplied by your home country, please contact the Consulate of the country(s) you are visiting to verify document requirements. If you do not have appropriate documentation, you will be denied entry. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your return trip for international travel.