I Am The Aurora Hunter

Watch on YouTube Over the past 20+ years, mostly by trial and error, Todd Salat has become one of the best photographers of the northern lights in Alaska, and the world. Runtime: 6 min.


Southeast Alaska Folk Tradition, Vol. 1: Exploration and Discovery, 1786-1897

This collection from Smithsonian Folkways is in part a spoken record that recounts Alaskan folktales, interspersed with traditional guitar interludes,...

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Sounds of a Melting Glacier

Get a feel for what it sounds like when massive chunks of ancient ice crack, pop, and break free from the tidewater face of Margerie Glacier — one o...

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It Took A Musician's Ear To Decode The Complex Song In Whale Calls

Humpback whales don't just sing songs — they compose with the whales around them, singing a song that evolves over time. Scientists didn't know that...

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Watching Glaciers Change From Space

Dr. Matthew Pritchard of Cornell University gives an overview of the physics of glaciers as well as an introduction to his research on using remote sensing to study glacier dynamics with a particular focus on Alaska's glaciers.

Get To Know Anchorage (Seward)

Out in the Great Alone

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race pushes participants to the brink on an unforgiving trek to the end of the world. And, as one writer who tracked the ...

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What Makes a Great Sled Dog? Breed, Ambition, Tough Feet

A mixed heritage gives sled dogs their love of running, a desire to work, and a need for wild places. By Jane J Lee.

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Iditarod National Historic Trail | Historic Overview

on Today’s famous Iditarod Trail, the path of the famous dog sled race, was once an important artery of Alaska’s winter commerce, serving...

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