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St Martin | Making Johnny Cakes with Alton Brown

Watch on YouTube A local chef prepares some local island specialties.


Renewables in the Caribbean

James Ellsmoor, Director of Solar Head of State and Founder of Island Innovation, has a unique way of communicating and promoting the use of renewable...

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The Dutch Caribbean municipalities in comparative perspective

View on Understanding the 2010 rejiggering of the political status of the Netherland Antilles. By Wouter P Veene...

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Saint Martin/Sint Maarten: An Island Divided

View on Saint Martin. Sint Maarten. A crossroad between North and South, split between France and the Netherlands, t...

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Treaty of Concordia

View on An English translation of the 1648 treaty that divided the island between Dutch and French, effectively creati...

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Lost History: Rediscovering the Taíno People

An introduction to the Taíno Indians, a subgroup of the South American Arawakan Indians who inhabited the Caribbean islands prior to Columbus' arrival.

Get To Know Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

Birds of the West Indies

on Amazon The undisputed leading field guide. By Herbert A Raffaele, James Wiley, Orlando H Garrido, Allan Keith and Janis I Raffaele; illustrated by...

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The Taínos

on Amazon A noted archaeologist and anthropologist tells the story of the Taínos, the pre-columbian indigenous people of the Caribbean, from their a...

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Species of the Dutch Caribbean

on An excellent, searchable database from the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance of the more than 200 plants and animals found on the Lee...

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