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The Danish West Indies — the short story of a vast history

Watch on YouTube The US Virgin Islands — Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas — were a Danish colony for nearly 250 years before they were sold to the United States in 1917. In this short film, Erik Goebel, a senior researcher and archivist at the National Archives in Denmark, gives an introduction to the islands' history. Runtime: 4 min.

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The Lighthouses of the US Virgin Islands

on A concise, thoughtful review of St Thomas' lighthouses. By Russ Rowlett.

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Dorado Deconstructed | The life and times of the dolphinfish

You will see dolphinfish on menus throughout the island. No worries. This tasty fish is also known as dorado or mahi mahi (coryphaena hippurus), with...

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St. Ursula and the Virgins of the Caribbean

The author explains the origin of the name "Virgin Islands." By Bob Schulman.

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Lost History: Rediscovering the Taíno People

An introduction to the Taíno Indians, a subgroup of the South American Arawakan Indians who inhabited the Caribbean islands prior to Columbus' arrival.

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Birds of the West Indies

on Amazon The undisputed leading field guide. By Herbert A Raffaele, James Wiley, Orlando H Garrido, Allan Keith and Janis I Raffaele; illustrated by...

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The Taínos

on Amazon A noted archaeologist and anthropologist tells the story of the Taínos, the pre-columbian indigenous people of the Caribbean, from their a...

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Don't Stop the Carnival

on Amazon Drawing on his experiences living on St Thomas from 1958-1964, the author tells the tale of a man who leaves his harried life in NYC to run...

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